BC Children's Hospital MRI Research Facility Leadership

Building on the work of Dr. Steven Miller (original CFI award recipient), Dr. Kenneth Poskitt (who stepped down as the Research Imaging Facility Scientific Director in June, 2013), and Dr. Tim Oberlander (CFI Project Lead 2012-2017), Dr. Bruce Bjornson (Scientific Director) and Dr. Deborah Giaschi (Director of Operations) are collaborating to advance the scientific, technical and operational goals of the Research Imaging Facility. 

With a full complement of highly specialized personnel in place to support the scientific and research mandate of the facility, the MRI Research Facility has emerged as a nationally recognized health research imaging facility that supports and promotes opportunities for research, teaching and learning.

Steffany Ellingham
Operations Manager
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Technology Development Manager
Danny Kim
Neuro Informatics Engineer

Michelle Lau
Head MR Technologist


Dr. Lynne Williams
Technology Integration Manager
Dr. San Xiang
MR Physicist
Dr. Jing Zhang 
GE MR Scientist