Graduate Studentships

Congratulations to the following trainees who received Graduate Studentship awards. These training awards recognize individuals enrolled in a graduate program who wish to pursue a research career in any health related research area that has direct relevance to improving the health of children and families.

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2016 Graduate Studentships

Justin Chan, Graduate Studentship. Health care utilization and economic impact of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Jacobson Research Team  

Mario Fidanza, Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Foundation Graduate Studentship. The influence of early-life infection on pediatric ALL progression. Reid Research Team

Zhengcheng (Leo) He, Graduate Studentship. BRCA1 and integrin ɑ6 both play pivotal roles in mitotic spindle orientation in human epithelial cells. Maxwell Research Team

Romy Hoeppli, Sue Carruthers Graduate Studentship. Boosting Tregs for cell-based therapy to induce tolerance after transplantation. Levings Research Team

Avery Lam, Graduate Studentship. The role of chemokines in regulatory T cell function. Levings Research Team

Nicole Sanford, Graduate Studentship. Functional brain mapping of task-state networks affected in schizophrenia. Woodward Research Team

Ben Vanderkruk, Canucks for Kids Fund Childhood Diabetes Laboratories Graduate Studentship. The role of Myt3 in transcription and plasticity in the endocrine pancreas. Hoffman Research Team

Shawn Whitfield, Jan M. Friedman Graduate Studentship. Roles of phospholipid flippases in protein sorting and neurological disease. Conibear Research Team

Mahdi Yousefi, Healthy Starts Graduate Studentship. Safe automated anesthesia drug delivery. Dumont Research Team 

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2015 Graduate Studentships

Hani Bagheri, CFRI Graduate Studentship Identifying novel genes for neurodevelopmental disorders using in vivo zebrafish assays. Supervisor - Dr. Evica Rajcan Separovic

Meisan Brown-Lum, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Neural Correlates of Developmental Coordination Disorder. Supervisor – Dr. Jill Zwicker

Amanda Marie Henderson, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Maternal Folate/ Vitamin B12 Imbalance and Programming of Offspring Adiposity. Supervisor - Dr. Angela Devlin

Jessica Jae Yun Lee, CFRI Jan M. Friedman Graduate Studentship. Online expert knowledgebase and diagnosis support system for rapid diagnosis and treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. Supervisor - Dr. Clara van Karnebeek

Mandi Schmidt, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Novel therapeutic strategies to mitigate NMDA receptor-mediated toxicity in Huntington disease mice. Supervisor - Dr. Michael Hayden

Lakshana Sreenivasan, Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Foundation Graduate Studentship. The requirement of Calreticulin in integrin-dependent cell survival and chemoresistance. Supervisor - Dr. James Lim

Chi Kin Wong, CFRI Graduate Studentship. The role of p300 in beta cell function and survival. Supervisor - Dr. William Gibson

Dan Wu, CFRI Sue Carruthers Graduate Studentship. Molecular regulation of Treg function in visceral adipose tissue.Supervisor - Dr. Megan Levings

2014 Graduate Studentships

Joshua Brown, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship. Post-translational modification and function of the DNA damage response protein Rtt107 in budding yeast. Supervisor - Dr. Michael Kobor

Helen Chen, Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Foundation Graduate Studentship. The receptor for hyaluronan mediated motility (RHAMM) regulates the spindle assembly checkpoint and maintains genome stability. Supervisor - Dr. Christopher Maxwell

Mario Fidanza, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Identifying imune determinants of acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression. Supervisor - Dr. Gregor Reid

Grace Goh, CFRI Jan M. Friedman Graduate Studentship. The roles of transcription factors that interact with the Mediator subunit MDT-15. Supervisor - Dr. Stefan Taubert

Romy Hoeppli, Canucks for Kids Fund Childhood Diabetes Graduate Studentship. Thymic tregs as a cell-based therapy to induce tolerance to islet transplants. Supervisor - Dr. Megan Levings

Elizabeth Marchant, CFRI Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. The development of innate immunity in premature neonates. Supervisor - Dr. Pascal Lavoie

Joanna Triscott, CFRI Graduate Studentship. PLK1 deregulation as a driver of relapse in pediatric medulloblastoma. Supervisor - Dr. Sandra Dunn

Kevin Tsai, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Characterization and regulation of autoreactive CD8 T cells. Supervisor - Dr. Rusung Tang

Samantha Wilson, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Applying molecular tools to screen for placental complications of pregnancy. Supervisor - Dr. Wendy Robinson

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2013 Graduate Studentships

Guilaine Boyce, Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. The impact of gestational age on dendritic cell mediated mechanisms of TH17/TH22 immunity. Supervisor – Dr. Pascal Lavoie

Allison Ezzat, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Changes in physical and psychological outcomes following joint injury in adolescent sport: A mixed methods study. Supervisor – Dr. Mariana Brussoni & Dr. Carolyn Emery

Nicole Hou, CFRI Sue Carruthers Graduate Studentship. Investigating the role of the conserved transcriptional co-activator MED15/MDT-15 in lipid metabolism and endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis. Supervisor – Dr. Stefan Taubert

Lisa Kozicky, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Regulatory macrophages as a treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Supervisor – Dr. Laura Sly

Katherine MacDonald, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Engineering antigen specific T regulatory cells for graft versus host disease. Supervisor – Dr. Megan Levings

Dominika Nackiewicz, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Using regulatory macrophages (Mregs) to promote beta cell regeneration during islet inflammation. Supervisor – Dr. Jan Ehses

Oksana Nemirovsky, CFRI Graduate Studentship. The role of BRCA1 during mammary differentiation through the student of mitotic spindle assemble. Supervisor – Dr. Christopher Maxwell

Bryan Tennant, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Examining the role of Myt3 in beta cell function and survival. Supervisor – Dr. Brad Hoffman

Kimberly Meier, CFRI/NeuroDevNet Graduate Studentship. Fine and coarse stereoscopic depth perception in children with amblyopia. Supervisor – Dr. Deborah Giaschi 

2012 Graduate Studentships

Kirandeep Bhullar, CFRI Sue Carruthers Graduate Studentship. Crossing the intestinal mucas barrier: A key pathogenic strategy for enteric bacterial pathogens. Supervisor: Dr. Bruce Vallance

Helen Chen, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Receptor for Hyaluronan Mediated Motility, a novel regulator of microtubule dynamics during mitosis. Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Maxwell

Saeideh Davoodi, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship. Role of the PTPᾳ-BCAR3-Cas signaling axis in cancer progression. Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Pallen

Kelly Mulder, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Interaction of genetic and dietary factors and their effect on omega-3 fatty acids in children. Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Innis

Eyler Ngoh, Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. Key roles for SHIP and macrophage phenotype in intestinal inflammation. Supervisor: Dr. Laura Sly

Anthony Tang, CFRI/Cures for Kids Graduate Studentship. The role of the unfolded protein response and cellular stress in cystic fibrosis lung inflammation. Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Turvey

Sandeep Tatla, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Determining the effectiveness of the Nintendo Wii for improving upper limb function in children with acquired brain injury: A Pilot Study. Supervisor: Dr. Liisa Holsti

Jillian Vinall, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Impact of neonatal pain, brain microstructure, stress and maternal factors on internalizing behaviour at age 18 months in children born very preterm. Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Grunau & Dr. Steven Miller

2011 Graduate Studentships

Samantha Benton, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Can placental growth factor discriminate between a pathologically small fetus and a constitutionally small fetus identified by ultrasound? Supervisor: Dr. Peter von Dadelszen

Jonathan Han, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Defining the role and therapeutic potential of T regulatory cells in type 2 diabetes. Supervisor: Dr. Megan Levings

Jonathan Heppner, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Pathogenesis of the mucopolysaccharidoses: Comprehensive longitudinal studies of GAG accumulation and identification of pathogenic cascades underlying skeletal disease in MPS I. Supervisor: Dr. Lorne Clarke

Kaitlin March, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Effects of vitamin D supplementation at 10, 25 and 50 ug/day throughout pregnancy and lactation on infant and maternal health. Supervisor: Dr. Tim Green

Magda Price, CFRI Graduate Studentship. DNA methylation and neural tube defects. Supervisor: Dr. Wendy Robinson

Dian Sullistyoningrum, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Multicultural-community health assessment trial (M-CHAT): The role of vitamin D in the prevention of obesity and cardiovascular disease risk. Supervisor: Dr. Angela Devlin

Safia Ladha, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship. The mechanisms of caspase-6 activation in Huntington Disease. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Hayden

Tuan Anh Nguyen, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship. The effects of acute exposure to fluoxetine in newborns and children. Supervisor: Dr. Dan Rurak & Dr. Ken Lim

Eric Xu, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship. Sox4 regulation of beta-cell mass by control of cell cycle genes. Supervisor: Dr. Francis Lynn

Joanna Triscott, CFRI/Hannah’s Heroes Graduate Studentship. Role of YB-1 on glial tumours and its promise as a molecular target. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Dunn

Yu-Hsuan Huang, Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. The role of signalling adaptor sap in the development and function of IL-17 positive cells. Supervisor: Dr. Rusung Tan

Ashish Sharma, Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. Unique mechanisms defining the effects of neonate invariant Natural Killer T (iNKT) cells on the enhancement of T cell proliferation (Supervisor: Dr. Pascal Lavoie)

2010 Graduate Studentships

Maria Aristizabal, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Functional interactions of RNA pol II phosphates, FCP1, with chromatin remodeling factors and mediator subunits. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kobor

Alireza Baradaran-Heravi, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Schimke innumo-osseous dysplasia: A disorder of genomic integrity. Supervisor: Dr. Cornelius Boerkoel

Ximena Corso-Diaz, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship. The role of Nr2e1 in eye development and congenital eye disorders. Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Simpson

Alastair Davies, CFRI Graduate Studentship. The oncogene YB-1 drives malignant transformation by promoting genomic plasticity. Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Dunn

Jennifer Grants, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Genetic study of the gene regulation mediated by CDK-8 and Cyclin C: two subunits in the kinase module of the mediator complex. Supervisor: Dr. Stefan Taubert

Alice Hawkins, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Addressing access issues to HD predictive testing. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Hayden

Karolynn Hsu, CFRI Partnership Graduate Studentship, Functional genomics in asthma and allergy. Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Turvey

Chi-Chao Liu, CFRI/Michael Cuccione Graduate Studentship. Cell adhesion mediated drug resistance in pediatric leukemias. Supervisor: Dr. Chinten James Lim

Tenneille Loo, CFRI/Michael Cuccione Graduate Studentship. The pharmacogenomics and clinical characterization of vincristine-induced severe peripheral neuropathy in paediatric cancer patients. Supervisor: Dr. Bruce Carleton

Allison McDonald, Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. Exploration of the molecular mechanisms of inflammasome disorders. Supervisor: Dr. David Speert

Dhananjay Namjoshi, CFRI Graduate Studentship. The role of apolipoproteins in the brain amyloid beta. Supervisor: Dr. Cheryl Wellington

Kusala Arundathi Pussegoda, CFRI/Michael Cuccione Graduate Studentship. Genome-wide association studies as a test to predict susceptibility to cisplatin-induced hearing loss. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Hayden

Katarzyna Stepien, CFRI/NeuroDevNet Graduate Studentship. Fetal programming and epigenetic regulation of neurological development in a rat model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kobor & Dr. Joanne Weinberg

Anthony Tang, Immunity in Health & Disease Studentship. Nod-like receptor function in cystic fibrosis: An investigation of novel therapeutic targets for reducing lung-damaging inflammation in cystic fibrosis. Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Turvey

Julia Wei, CFRI/NeuroDevNet Graduate Studentship. Prenatal exposure to maternal depression, methyl metabolism, and developmental programming. Supervisor: Dr. Angela Devlin & Dr. Tim Oberlander

Ryan Yuen, CFRI Graduate Studentship. Epigenetics and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Supervisor: Dr. Wendy Robinson

Farah Zahir, CFRI Graduate Studentship. The pathogenicity of de novo copy number variants in children with mental retardation. Supervisor: Dr. Jan Friedman