Recent Studies & Publications

  • Safety and effectiveness of Flecainide in Children
    A review of past research about the use of the drug flecainide in children with regular hearts or congenital heart disease for treating irregular heart rhythms to assess its safety and effectiveness.

  • An investigation of how running is taught in and evaluated in BC schools from the perspective of students and PE teachers (in press).
  • S-ICD Study
    Patients with a device inserted under their skin to make sure their heart does not stop – an ICD – will have a 12-lead ECG test and a PMS test to help researchers better understand what factors can predict who, out of the people that might benefit from an ICD, is a good candidate.

  • Fitbit validation: Steps
    This study evaluated the step counting function of the wrist-worn Fitbit Charge HR alongside a hip-worn research grade accelerometer, worn at the same time for one week during participants’ normal activities.

    Who participated?
    Boys and girls ages 10-18 with congenital heart disease 

  • Physical Activity Tracker Study & Physical Activity Tracker – Provincial Scale-Up Study
    This study investigated the effect of customized physical activity programme, monitored by a Fitbit wearable tracker, on physical activity levels, exercise tolerance and heart health in children and teens with congenital heart disease. This study was done in a local cohort.

    Who participated?
    Boys and girls ages 10-18 years with congenital heart disease

Completed Studies Coming Soon


  • OCT – Fontan
    Compares pictures taken of the inside of specific blood vessels in children who have or have not had a Fontan operation to see what the differences between these groups’ blood vessels are.

    Who can participate?
    Boys and girls who have a Fontan circulation and are having a cardiac catheterization procedure at BC Children’s Hospital, or boys and girls, to serve as comparison participants, who will be having a cardiac catheterization procedure and who do not have a Fontan circulation.
  • Fitbit validation: Heart Rate
    This study evaluated of the heart rate tracking feature of the Fitbit Charge HR against a 12 lead ECG during exercise testing in the Children’s Heart Centre. Children wore a Fitbit Charge HR on their wrist during exercise testing while they were also being monitored through ECG. Measurements were recorded from both devices periodically during the test.

    Who participated?
    Boys and girls ages 10 and older who had a treadmill exercise test at the Children’s Heart Centre.