Recent Publications


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Honours & Awards

Dr Glenys Webster:CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship. Project: "Neurodevelopmental effects of prenatal PBDE and PFAS exposures in US and Canadian children."

Dr Ron Barr: 2014 Pediatric Chairs of Canada Academic Leadership Clinician Investigator Award

Dr. Mariana Brussoni: 2013/14 Peter Wall Institute Research Mentoring Program Awardee. Project: "Play Worth Remembering: Gaining Public Insights into Memories of Outdoor Play Spaces."

Takuro Ishikawa: 2014 Featured Trainee (Supervisor: Dr. Mariana Brussoni)

Dr Shelina Babul: 2014 Prevention & Awareness Award Brain Injury Canada

BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit (Kate Turcotte, Fahra Rajabali, Shannon Piedt, Dian Leung and Aybaniz Ibrahimova): 2014 Presidents Staff Award UBC Global Citizenship