Education & Training Facilities

Research Education Centre

Our education centre opened in 2000. It includes the 205-seat Chan Centre for Family Health Education and the Chieng Family Atrium and Education Link. These facilities provide seminar and education rooms for our researchers and trainees, as well as other health professionals from BC Children’s Hospital, BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, and partner organizations.

Research Study Centre

Our study centre includes the Reading Room and the Trainee Study Room. These facilities provide a number of resources for investigators and trainees. The Reading Room maintains subscriptions to approximately 100 journals and has a collection of more than 70 monographs and other reference materials. The Trainee Study Room has study carrels and computers for trainee use, as well as a collection of reference materials. The Eric Hamber Memorial Library, a branch of the University of British Columbia's Life Sciences Library, is also located on the Oak Street campus.

Last Updated: 10/28/2011