Vaccine Evaluation Center

The Vaccine Evaluation Center is a non-profit center of excellence involved in independent research regarding:

  • Vaccine safety and effectiveness
  • Evaluation of new vaccines
  • Vaccine-preventable infections
  • Enhancement of public immunization programs

The Vaccine Evaluation Center (VEC) was established in 1988, making it the first formal centre for independent vaccine research in Canada. The VEC is separate from government and vaccine manufacturers and provides independent, expert, consumer-oriented vaccine evaluations to help health authorities select the best vaccines and immunization programs. High-quality vaccine research is the main goal of the Vaccine Evaluation Center.

Why do we need the VEC?

  • New technology allows vaccine invention to happen faster than ever before.
  • Assessing vaccine quality before public use is vitally important.
  • Canadian vaccine consumers expect high-quality evaluation of new vaccines. There are no short cuts: care, expertise and non-biased research are essential.
  • Long-term studies must be done.
  • Today’s successful immunization programs mean that parents today are unfamiliar with the diseases and their risks.
  • The Vaccine Evaluation Center helps ensure that safe and effective vaccines are brought to the public.

Current research projects:

For a list of current research projects, click here.