The Pocket Doc for Pneumonia team

      Dr. Mark Ansermino, Director of the CICH, Investigator and Research Director for Pediatric Anesthesia, BC Children’s; Professor, UBC Department of Anesthesia, Pharmacology and Therapeutics  
      Dr. Niranjan Kissoon, Vice-President of Medical Affairs and Investigator, BC Children's; and Professor, UBC Departments of Pediatrics and Surgery (Emergency Medicine)

    Dr. Guy Dumont, Investigator, BC Children’s; Professor, UBC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Matt Wiens
    Dr. Matt Wiens, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kissoon Research Team


Bella Hwang, CICH Program Manager

Michelle Langlois, CICH Program Coordinator

Randi Weiss, CICH Project Coordinator