Research Open House

The Research Open House at BC Children's Hospital is an interactive morning event that offers high school students an opportunity to visit research labs, interact with research trainees and participate in research activities. 


Schedule -

The next Open House is scheduled for March March 6, 8:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at BC Children's Hospital.

Agenda -

Student registration


Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Wyeth Wasserman, Executive Director, BC Children’s Hospital Research; Assosciate Dean of Research, UBC Faculty of Medicine; Professor, UBC Department of Medical Genetics; Scientist, Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics

Sleep in children and adolescents with mental health disorders

Good sleep is essential for healthy mental and physical development through childhood and adolescence. This presentation will discuss how sleep is measured in the lab, the sleep disturbances that are often seen in people with mental health disorders, and how good sleep hygiene habits can improve sleep quality. Presented by: Dr. Fern Jaspers-Fayer, UBC Postdoctoral Fellow (Psychiatry), Stewart Research Team

Popping the bubble wrap for children’s health

It used to be normal for children to spend long hours outdoors and away from watchful adults. The childhood of today looks very different, with more time spent inside, supervised, in structured activities, and in front of screens. We’ll explore the effects of changing childhoods and limited outdoor play time on children's health and development. Presented by: Dr. Mariana Brussoni, Investigator, BC Children's Hospital;  Associate Professor, UBC Department of Pediatrics & School of Population and Public Health; Scientist, BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit 



Students will have the opportunity to interact with 3 research teams on the Oak Street Campus. A selection of activities include -
  • Using fruit flies to understand how our body deals with environmental stress
  • Using blood to understand immune responses in premature babies
  • Wheat DNA extraction
  • Determining protein concentration using colorimetric assay
  • Using Next-Generations Sequencing to diagnosis rare disease

Student reception **Boxed lunches will be provided. Students with any food allergies or dietary restrictions are encouraged to bring their own lunch

Participate -

We have reached maximum capacity for the 2017 Research Open House. To add students to the wait-list please contact For more information refer to the Student Nomination guidelines.

It is important to note the research institute at BC Children's Hospital is a working health care research facility. While onsite students will be encouraged to participate in supervised research activities and should be comfortable around a variety of samples and specimens in a clinical laboratory environment.

A big thanks to everyone who helped make the 2016 Research Open House a success!

This event brought together 120 students from 29 schools across the Lower Mainland. While onsite participants had the opportunity to hear presentations from three leading health science researchers and participate in a selection of research activities.

What did participants have to say?

100% of participants indicated they would recommend the Research Open House to others and 92% of participants felt the event fully meet or exceeded expectations.  Overall the feedback received was extremely positive and highlighted the unique learning experience, benefits of interacting with “real-life” researchers and the great opportunity to hear more about different career choices

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