PHSA LearningHub FAQs

What is the LearningHub?
The LearningHub is PHSA's course registry and management system.

Do I need to be on the Oak Street Campus or have a PHSA login to access the LearningHub?
No, the LearningHub can be accessed via the internet from any computer but users are encouraged to use Internet Explorer or Firefox when accessing the site. Please note the LearningHub does not currently support mobile devices.

Do I need an email address affiliated with PHSA or my institution?
No, when creating a LearningHub account you can use any email address.

How do I create a LearningHub account?

  1. Go to LearningHub and select Sign Up for an Account
  2. Select the terms and conditions by scrolling to the bottom and selecting 'I Agree'
  3. Enter your personal information. Please note students, trainees and volunteers at the research institute are 'Healthcare/Health Authority Users'
    Health Authority - Provincial Health Services Authority
       Employee Number - Not required, leave blank
       Agency - Children's and Women's Health Centre of BC (Site-Wide)
       Department - BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
  4. When ask to provide more information about your workplace select either Student/Trainee or Volunteer
  5. Select 'Complete Registration' to finalize the registration, an email will be sent to the address provided to activate the account

How to I select the courses and access the results?

  1. Login to the LearningHub
  2. Select 'Find a Course'
  3. Enter a course title and click 'Search Course'
  4. On the search results, click the course title to register
  5. Click 'Register' to start the course

Can you re-take a course?
Yes, for the majority of courses a passing mark of 80% is required. To re-take a course go back and re-select the course.

How do I access course certificates?

  1. Login to the LearningHub
  2. From the navigation bar select 'My Learning History.' It may take up to 45 minutes for the certificate to become viewable
  3. Find the applicable course and click 'Certificate'
  4. To submit the certificate either download, save, print/scan or capture a screen-shot of the certificate.

Can I take other courses on the LearningHub?
Yes, the LearningHub has many courses designed to continuously develop your skills, knowledge, and competencies – for today and for the future.

For technical concerns using the LearningHub visit For any concerns regarding the Onboarding process contact