Trainee Onboarding

To complete the process, follow the 3 simple steps below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Has a request for an Identification Card been submitted on your behalf? Identification cards must be obtained and made visible at all times when on the Oak Street Campus.

Criminal Record Check (CRC) - PHSA & UBC have mandated that all personnel are required to complete a CRC every five years.

The submission process varies by UBC Department. Check with your supervisor, lab manager or HR Advisor for details.
For more information refer to the CRC FAQs.

Please note Onboarding does not require a copy of the results just verification that the process has been completed within the last 5 years.

Training Courses - The following online courses are mandatory. Training should be completed on your first day and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. For more information refer to the PHSA LearningHub FAQs.

A. Accessing the Courses - To access the PHSA LearningHub you will need to sign up for an account as an 'Affiliate' with the 'Provincial Health Services Authority' to complete the training. No employee number is required.

B. Selecting the Courses:
Login to the PHSA LearningHub as a registered user. You will need to select and complete the following 3 online courses - 

PHSA Privacy & Confidentiality -  Select 'Find a Course' and search 'Privacy & Confidentiality (All PHSA Agencies).' Click Register > Start Course to begin. 

PHSA Fire Safety - Select 'Find a Course' and search 'Code Red - Fire Safety Training (Acute & Residential Facilities).' Click Register > Start Course to begin.

PHSA Respectful Workplace - Select 'Find a Course' and search 'Respectable Workplace - Fostering a Culture of Respect.' Click Register > Start Course to begin. If you have already taken the UBC Preventing and Addressing Bullying & Harassment, you are NOT REQUIRED to take the PHSA Respectful Workplace course. You will need to download, save, print/scan or capture a screen-shot of the certificate from your UBC CWL.

At the end of each module you will be required to take the 'End of Course Test.' A pass mark of 80% is required. You will also be required to accept the 'Confidentiality Acknowledgement.'

Accessing the Results - From the navigation bar select 'My Learning History' to access the course certificate (it may take up to 45 minutes for the certificate to become viewable). You will need to download, save, print/scan or capture a screen-shot of the certificate.

Submission -  Copy the text in the box below into an email, and insert/attached the relevant information. A confirmation email will be sent once the information has been processed.

CC: <Supervisor or Lab Manager>
Subject: Onboarding

Trainee Registration
Full Name: <Name>
Academic Status: <Academic Status> 
**Masters Student, PhD Student, Clinical Trainee, Postdoctoral Fellow
Primary Supervisor: <Supervisor Name>

Graduate Program/Academic Department: <Program>
Expected Completion Date: <Expected Completion Date>
ORCID iD: <ORCID id> **What is an ORCID iD?

Work Phone Number: <Work Phone Number>
Work Email Address: <Work Email Address>
Primary Location: Building & Room Number: <Location>

Criminal Record Check
Date Submitted: <Date Submitted>
Submitted for which UBC Department: <Department>

Training Courses
I acknowledge the following training courses have been completed and have attached the necessary certificates. <Attach Certificates>

  • PHSA Privacy & Confidentiality
  • PHSA Fire Safety
  • UBC Preventing and Addressing Bullying & Harassment OR PHSA Respectful Workshop 

What happens next? Once the documentation has been received and processed you will receive a confirmation email and the ID & Security Access Request will be approved.

For more information on the opportunity and resources available, and to make sure your time onsite will be a productive and enriching learning experience, you're also encouraged to review the onsite orientation information.