Welcome to the research community at BC Children's Hospital! Volunteers, students and trainees are valued members of our community and integral to the research that takes place on the Oak Street Campus. As a member of the community you are among some of the most respected scientists and trainees in their fields.

A long held goal of the scientific programs here has been to provide a comprehensive learning environment for those onsite. For more information on the opportunity and resources available, and to make sure your time onsite will be a productive and enriching learning experience, you're encouraged to review the following:

  Request an ID card and security access - If it has not already been done, have your supervisor or lab manager submit a request for a identification card >

Request a network account and work email
- A network account is required to access the research network and/or the PHSA network onsite. To ensure the privacy and security of your research and role onsite any related correspondence should be coming from a PHSA or university affiliated email address (ie. @cfri, @cw.bc.ca, @ubc.ca, etc)

Add your information to the directory
- As part of the research community onsite it's important your contact information is available and up to date. Having problems accessing the Research Intranet? Refer to the online troubleshooting guide

Complete additional training, as required - Depending on your responsibilities and supervision you may be required to take additional training courses. Check with your supervisor on the requirements for your research area

Review the online resources - A number of resources have been specifically created to help support you during your time onsite. Review the wealth of information about the institute, including additional information on:  Building & Facilities | Health & Safety | Support Services

Register for an orientation - The Research Education Office encourages new volunteers, students and trainees to attend an orientation. Held each fall and spring, this one-hour session reviews the services and resources available onsite. Those new onsite will receive an email invitation to register closer to the date

Sign up for an ORCID iD - Create a digital connection between you and research by signing up for an ORCID iD

Are you supervising a student worker? UBC HR has more information on general student hiring practices as well as resources to support you during the onboarding process.

Please note, additional student accident insurance is not required. Volunteers, students and trainees working on the Oak Street Campus are covered by the Provincial Health Services Authority.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Building Facilities.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the education and training opportunities onsite, please contact 604-875-2000 x5397 or reseduc@bcchr.ca.