IM.IT Services

Volunteers, students and trainees are required to have a personal network account and email address to access the IM.IT services onsite. Additionally, medical students and clinical trainees with placements in a clinical settings may also require access to Cerner (eChart) Training and M*Model Dictation.

Other IM.IT services commonly accessed include: Wireless Internet, Printing & Photocopying, Access to SPSS, and REDCap.

For the most up-to-date information on IM.IT services and contact information visit the Research Intranet.

Need to reactive a Network Account? Visit to reset your password or unlock your account. User accounts are deactivated at the end of the students/trainees term or if there is no activity in the account for five months.

Personal Network Account & Email Address

To request a network account and e-mail address a research community member or manager should follow the steps below. Note the appropriate clearance will be verified before access is granted.

Please note the website below ( is a secured site. To access you must be on the Oak Street Campus or have a BC Children's Hospital Research Institute/PHSA Login. A BC Children's Hospital Research Institute member or manager will need to help you facilitate the request.

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute vs. PHSA - Those onsite may access the research institute's network and/or the PHSA (C&W) network. Those who need to view any clinical systems (eChart, eHealth Viewer, M*Modal Dictation, etc) will require a PHSA network account. Those supervised by BC Children's Hospital Research Institute faculty members who are primarily undertaking research activities will require a BC Children's Hospital Research Institute network account.

BCCHR Network

Estimated Time - 3 to 4 Days
• Visit
• Select ‘Request a BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Network Account'
• Complete the form field and submit

PHSA Network

Estimated Time - 10 Days
• Visit
• Select ‘Network and E-Mail Account
• Under ‘PHSA/VCH-PCH’ select
‘PHSA/VCH-PHS – Network and
E-mail Account Management’
• Complete the form fields and submit

After the request has been submitted,  e-mail confirmation with instruction on finalizing the activation process will be sent.

Cerner (eChart) Access

Students who need access to Cerner for electronic patient health records are required to complete the Cerner Training module before requesting access.
  • Visit
  • Select ‘Sign Up for an Account’ and create a ‘Affiliate’ login or login to your account
  • Select ‘Find a Public Course’ from the home page bar, search ‘Cerner (eChart)’
  • From the search results select ‘Cerner Powerchart Basics for All Clinicians and Staff - eLearning’
  • Click ‘Enroll in Curriculum and ‘Register’ to select the course. Select ‘Start Course’ to begin

The course includes 2 modules. The quiz must be completed and passed before access is granted. A record of the module completion will be sent to the appropriate groups.

Once the course has been passed, the supervisor can request access -

  • Visit
  • Click ‘Application Access’ and ‘Cerner - C&W Provider Update,’ select ‘Proceed’ to continue
  • Complete the form fields as required and submit the request

Once the request has been processed an email will be sent to the student regarding activating the account.

M*Model Dictation Access

To access the electronic system for dictation and transcription the supervisor should follow the steps below -

  • Visit
  • Click ‘Dictation Account’ and/or ‘Transcription Account’ and select ‘Proceed’ to continue
  • Complete the form fields as required and submit the request


Onsite wireless networks allows faculty, staff and students to connect to the internet at high-speeds, 24/7 without plugging in a cable. The following connections are available depending on your network login -

  • BC Children's Hospital Research Institute: Login - BC Children's Hospital Research Institute network account required
  • UBC Secure: Login - UBC Campus-Wide login required
  • UBC Visitor: Login - N/A, open network for guests
  • PHSA-Staff: Login - PHSA network account required
  • C&W Guest: Login - N/A, open network for guests

Printing & Photocopying

The research building has 3 multi-function printers/fax machines are available for general use; foyer of the East Block next to the elevators, on the 3rd floor mezzanine and across from the elevators and on the 4th floor of the Translational Research Building. An access codes for using these machines is required, check with your supervisor or research team about the number or visit to request access.

The cost for printing is automatically billed directly to the supervisor. Printing black and white pages will cost $0.07 per page and printing colour pages will cost $0.14 per page. For large scale printing, copying, scanning and graphic design contact the C&W Print Shop at


IBM SPSS Statistics software can be accessed without having to purchase an individual license. The Clinical Research Support Unit has purchased several SPSS site licenses to be used as a shared resource. The IM.IT Department is hosting the software on a secure terminal server which can be accessed by researchers with a research network login. Note because the number of licenses available is limited, there may be times when all are in use simultaneously and access may be temporarily unavailable. Access Instructions


REDCap is a web-based, metadata-driven EDC software solution and workflow methodology for designing and capturing data for research studies. REDCap allows users to build and manage online surveys and research databases quickly and securely. For more information on REDCap contact