Research Support

At BC Children's Hospital our research volunteers, students and trainees benefit from the rich interdisciplinary and collaborative environment the institute provides, because of its physical setting on a hospital campus and the scope of research undertaken here. The following highlights the services and resources available onsite -

Research Education Office
Other Support Services

Research Education Office

The research community offers basic science and clinical research mentorship that is second to none. The goal of the Research Education Office is to support the development of an enhanced, multidisciplinary learning environment by providing opportunities to augment research skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Along with the elements inherent to each student’s program of study, the research community offers:

  • extra-curricular training opportunities to build research and analytical capacity and to enhance career development skills
  • a wide range of special events that exposes students to research across disciplines and offers opportunities to present and discuss their own work
  • funding on a competitive basis for scholarships, subsidize conference participation or short-term external training
  • education events that give students the opportunity to discuss their work, its context and implication, to prospective students and members of the general public interested in careers in science and technology: Public Education Curriculum
For more information on the activities offered by the Research Education Office visit the Research Intranet. For any questions, concerns or suggestions related to research education contact

Support Services

The research community offers a wide services to support student and trainee needs. This includes the following -

Research & Technology Development Office (RTDO) - The RTDO provides graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical trainees with expertise on applying for funding, writing grants and strategic career planning. Their goal is to provide trainees with the skills, techniques and experience needed to find and obtain funding. They offer teaching sessions, workshops and one-on-one meetings to help improve trainees’ understanding of and success in the funding application process. Contact for more information.

Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) - The Clinical Research Support Unit provides support for those conducting clinical research onsite.

- IM.IT Services are available to all students onsite and include aspects such as hardware, software (REDCap, SPSS), network and security support related to research activities only. In order to access BC Children's Hospital Research Institute IM.IT Services you will need a network account.

Research Ethics Board -  The UBC C&W REB is a UBC-affiliated research ethics board is responsible for the ethical review of clinical and behavioural research projects conducted onsite. For more information contact

Research Services Office - The Research Service Office coordinates the processing of all applications or request by trainees for external funding for research and other projects. These applications require signatures by the Faculty of Medicine and Director of Research Services, UBC. For more information contact

Communications Team - The Communications Team provides a range of strategic communications services to further the local, national and international reputation of researchers onsite. The team manages all media relations, e-communications onsite and branded materials. For more information contact

Finance Services - The Finance Department assists investigators and research programs with their budgeting and financial record keeping, in addition to overseeing the research institute’s overall financial management and reporting.


The Research Education Office uses a variety of communication tools to ensure volunteers, students and trainees are provided with current, accurate information regarding education opportunities and resources, this includes the following -

  • ResearchHub - The ResearchHub provides information on research support and services, research groups, communications and core facilities at the research building. The Directory contains contact information for all research community members, trainees and affiliated research personnel onsite. Having trouble access the Research Intranet? View our online troubleshooting guide
  • CRCNet - CRCNet is a listserv for our clinical research community. Subscribers are able to receive and reply to emails from group members, and send emails to the group. The listserv is intended to share relevant information to the clinical research community. To be added to the listserv contact
  • Research Education Outreach Committee (REO) - The REO committee consists of trainee representatives and meet on a monthly basis. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding Research Education or would like to join the committee contact
  • Social Media - BC Children's Hospital Research Institute also uses various social media channels to highlight news and events online