Funding Initiatives

2018 Seed Grants

The Childhood Disease Theme invites proposals for new research projects designed to catalyze new areas of investigation and generate key preliminary data needed to apply for future external funding opportunities. New collaborations between career scientists, clinician scientists, and/or clinicians are encouraged. Applications must be received by 9 am (PST) on January 29, 2018. Read more here.

2017 Applied Health Grants – Competition Closed. Focused on proposals for new translational research projects that enable improvements to patient care.

2017 Catalyst Tech Grants – Competition Closed. Focused on proposals for research projects that utilize, build expertise, and/or develop innovative methodology in key catalyzing technologies on the BCCHRI campus.

2016/17 Platform Technology Awards. Funded two initiatives:

  1. Tissue and Disease Modelling Core (TDMC) – Offers induced pluripotent cell (iPSC) generation as well as CRISPR/Cas genome editing to the research community.
  2. Childhood Diseases Biobank Specimen Collection Program – Subsidy and administrative support  available to facilitate focused collection of specimens and integration of clinical data for research purposes for approved projects led by CD Theme members.