• Matsuda-Abedini, Mina


    Clinical Investigator, CFRI
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Divison of Nephrology, University of British Columbia
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    Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health
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    BC Children's Hospital
    Room K4-150, 4480 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4
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  • Clinical outcomes in pediatric kidney transplantation
  • Transition care
BC Children's Hospital has one of the largest pediatric renal transplantation programs in Canada. We have also established a unique multidisciplinary transition clinic dedicated to the transition care and eventual transfer of care of adolescents with chronic kidney disease, including transplantation. Our research focuses on monitoring and improving the care delivered to children and adolescents living with a kidney transplant, with the ultimate goal of improving their clinical outcome and quality of life.
Current Projects

Neuroimaging in Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic kidney disease (CKD), including kidney transplantation is associated with numerous adverse outcomes. In BC, relative to the population of children, the prevalence of CKD is ~150 per million children —all of whom require tertiary care at BC Children’s Hospital. Children across all stages of CKD seem vulnerable to cognitive impairments, demonstrated most frequently by poor school performance, poor attention, memory, and abnormalities in executive function. Understanding these neurodevelopmental disabilities is critical to developing and evaluating emerging strategies to protect the brain and optimize neurodevelopment of children with CKD. Given this, the overall objective of this research endeavour is to identify the changes in the brain in children with CKD that underlie neurodevelopmental disability and to identify modifiable risk factors that could ultimately lead to improved outcomes.

Utility and Cost of Renal Transplant Transition Clinic
The specific needs of adolescent patients with chronic illness are not always fully addressed by either pediatricians or adult physicians. This occurs at a time when, for the transplant population, they have the highest rates of acute rejection and allograft loss. We established a unique multidisciplinary Renal Transition Clinic to provide comprehensive transition care to adolescent patients with chronic kidney disease, including transplantation. This clinic provides adolescents with opportunities to develop problem solving skills, encourages goal setting, supports independence and promotes self advocacy. The aim of the research component is to determine how our transition model impacts medical, psychosocial, and economic outcomes in the adolescent renal transplant population.

Selected Publications

Sinha R, Davis I, Matsuda-Abedini M. Sleep disturbances among children and adolescents with non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease. Arch of Pediatr. 2009 Sept; 163(9): 850-5.

Matsuda-Abedini M, Al-AlSheikh K, Hurley RM, Matsell DG, Chow, J, Carter JE, Lirenman DS. Outcome of kidney transplantation in Canadian Aboriginal children in the province of British Columbia. Pediatr Transplant 2008 Nov 1.

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Honours & Awards
Glaser Pediatric Research Network Fellowship Award
Research Group Members
Dr. Chanel Prestidge, Pediatric Nephrology Fellow
Dr. Bruce Bjornson, Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Steven Miller, Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Ken Poskitt, Neuroradiology
Dr. Anne Fedorowicz, Psychology
Dr. Debbie Gipson, Pediatric Nephrology, U of Michigan
Dr. Stephen Hooper, Psychology, U of North Carolina