• Popescu, Oana Eugenia


    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Pathologist, BC Children’s Hospital
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
    Pathologist, BC Children’s Hospital

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    Childhood Diseases
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    BC Children's Hospital
    Room L214
    4480 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4

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    • Gatrointestinal pathology
    • Pediatric tumors

    My current practice is based on the diagnosis and study of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases in children. My main interest is in pediatric solid tumors, gastrointestinal and liver pathology, and sudden infant death pathology.

    Current Projects

    The project I am working now is about liver and renal histopathology in sudden infant death cases in aboriginal children homozygous for CPT1AP479L mutation. This mutation is associated with recurrent attacks of hypoketotic hypoglycemia during fasting, fever, and intercurrent illnesses. Clinical presentation of CPT1A deficiency is variable and ranges from sudden death in infancy to liver disease with hepatomegaly later in life. It appears to have specific histological findings in sudden death cases of homozygous infants homozygous for CPT1AP479L mutation compared with heterozygous and wild type cases.

    Selected Publications

    Baboiu (Popescu) OE, Taylor W M. Sacral chordoma presenting as a benign soft tissue mass. Ann Diagn Path, April 2006; vol. 10(2): 95-99. PMID 16546044

    Baboiu (Popescu) OE, Saal H, Collins M. Hepatic Mesenchymal Hamartoma: Cytogenetic analysis of a case and review of the literature. Pediatr Devel Pathol 2008; 11(4):295-299. PMID 18800857

    Popescu O-E, Landas SK, Haas GP. The spectrum of eosinophilic cystitis in males: case series and literature review 2009; 133: 289-294. PMID 19195972

    McLarren, K. W., Cole, A.E., Weisser, S. B., Voglmaier, N. S., Popescu, O., Boucher, J.-L. and Sly, L.M. SHIP-deficient mice develop spontaneous intestinal inflammation and arginase-dependent fibrosis. The American Journal of Pathology (in press). PMID 21640975

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