Types of Contracts

There are a number of types of research agreements that investigators at BC Children's Hospital might enter into:

Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Agreements

  1. A Research Assistant sends the following to Rina Saguin, BC Children's Hospital Research Finance Assistant, at rsaguin@bcchr.ca (604-875-2000 x3175):
    • BCCHR Clinical Trial Checklist (CTA) form
    • contract
    • sponsor's budget
    • internal budget
    • UBC Research Project Information From (RPIF) signed by the Principal Investigator and Department Head
  2. Rina Saguin obtains Wyeth Wasserman's signature on the RPIF form and forwards documents for review and negotiation with the sponsor:
    • contract negotiation: Yasmin Diaz, Manager, Clinical Research Agreements at UILO.
    • budget negotation: Mike Gottenbos, Finance Manager at BCCHR.
  3. Rina Saguin sends the approved CTA to the Research Assistant.
  4. The Research Assistant obtains a signature from the Principal Investigator and returns the signed CTA to Rina Saguin.
  5. Rina Saguin coordinates institutional and sponsor signatures on the final contract and forwards a copy of the final executed CTA to all parties, including the Research Assistant and Principal Investigator.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements

  1. A Research Assistant sends the Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) to Rina Saguin, BCCHR Finance Assistant, at rsaguin@bcchr.ca (604-875-2000 x3175). Note: include contact info for the sponsor's contract negotiator.
  2. The BCCHR Finance Assistant forwards the CDA for review and negotiation to Harmony Ho, Industry Contracts Officer at the University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO), at harmony.ho@uilo.ubc.ca (604-822-0892).
  3. The Research Assistant obtains a signature from the investigator and returns the CDA to Rina Saguin.
  4. Rina Saguin obtains a signature from Wyeth Wasserman and sends the completed CDA to the Research Assistant.

To check the status of your CTA, please contact:


Sarah Mouratidis
Industry-Sponsored Research Contracts Assistant
Phone:  604-822-6016
Email: sarah.mouratidis@uilo.ubc.ca


Yasmin Diaz 
Manager, Clinical Research Agreements
Phone:  604-827-5025
Email: yasmin.diaz@uilo.ubc.ca

To check the status of your CTA budget, please contact:

Mike Gottenbos
Finance Manager
Phone: 604-875-2000 x3567
Email: mgottenbos@bcchr.ca