BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Membership

Investigators with the Research Institute at BC Children's Hospital are passionate about creating and using knowledge to benefit children and families.

Depending on their current role in research on campus, our investigators enjoy benefits such as:

There are three investigator categories available at the Research Institute: Investigator, Affiliate Investigator, and Investigator Emeritus/a.

An Investigator is an individual who leads or co-leads research at BC Children’s or Women’s Hospital. They are located onsite at C&W, have a university faculty appointment or a hospital appointment, and are closely aligned with one of our four research themes.

An Affiliate Investigator is an individual who holds a primary appointment at other research institutes, universities/campuses, hospitals and/or agencies, but is also actively engaged in a Theme's research program.

An Investigator Emeritus/a is an individual who had prior status as an Investigator, and is now retired.

More information about the eligibility and responsibilities of BC Children's Hospital investigators can be found in the membership general guidelines.

To apply for membership, please complete one of the following forms and submit it to resinfo@bcchr.ca