Do I need to pay a fee? 

Criteria for Waiving Fees

The ethics review fee is waived for:

  • Studies that do not have funding
  • Studies funded by a grant from a non-profit organization
  • Studies that receive internal grants from UBC, PHSA or their affiliated agencies or research institutes
  • Studies funded by cooperative groups (i.e., COG)
  • Studies funded by CIHR, SSHRC, NSERC and NIH (including NIH Institutes)

Criteria for Charging Fees

Research projects that receive industry (i.e. pharmaceutical, biological or medical device company) funding, or funding from any other for-profit organization will be charged a fee for ethics review by the UBC C&W REB.

An initial application fee of $3,000 CAD per application covers the cost of the submission and initial review of the application. In addition, an annual renewal fee of $500 CAD will be levied (at the time of the annual renewal) to cover the cost of the annual renewal and other on-going oversight, including amendments and unanticipated events. The Principal Investigator must ensure the sponsor is aware of these fees. 

The UBC C&W REB Office will issue an invoice once your research project has been submitted on RISe. The Certificate of Approval will not be released until the review fee has been received. If you have outstanding fees, no new REB reviews will be undertaken until your account is brought into good standing.

For a current statement of your fee account or other specific queries relating to REB fee payment, please contact:

Anita Lillquist
alillquist@bcchr.ubc.ca | 604-875-3103

Mechanism for Submitting the Fee 

Internal Transfer from a C&W or PHSA account

Please return a copy of the invoice with the C&W or PHSA cost centre information as indicated and signatures from the appropriate authorizing signatory to the REB office.


Payable to:  Provincial Health Services Authority

$3,000.00 CAD (for initial review) or
$500.00 CAD (for annual renewal)

Reference:  REB number (HXX-XXXXX)
Mail to:      

UBC C&W Research Ethics Board
Attention: Anita Lillquist
Room A2-141A
950 West 28th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4H4

Attach copy of the invoice and include the REB number (HXX-XXXXX) as a reference.