Provisos Timelines

In many cases, the REB will require additional information from the principal investigator prior to approving a new research project or as part of a regular review of an ongoing project.

Principal Investigators must respond to these Provisos within the timelines established by the REB.

Timeline for New Submissions

For new research project submissions which have not yet received UBC C&W REB approval, provisos must be responded to within three months of receipt.

If a response is not received within this timeline, the research project will need to be re-submitted as a new submission for full board review and include a new research ethics review fee, if applicable.

Timeline for Approved Research Projects

At any given time throughout the life of a research project, the UBC C&W REB may request additional information. All Provisos must be responded to within 21 days of notification unless otherwise stipulated by the UBC C&W REB.

Last Updated: 02/10/2012