Remuneration for Participation

Clinical Research Projects

Recruitment materials that are used for the purpose of recruiting subjects - such as letters, advertisements, flyers, radio or television scripts, or internet messages - must not include any information about the value of the remuneration for participation.

The UBC C&W REB requires that the monetary value of the remuneration for participation in a clinical research study not be disclosed at the time of recruitment. This mitigates the possibility of inducing subjects to trade accepting potential risks for financial gain.

In addition, as a prospective subject may not realize that participation can only occur if they meet the conditions of the study's inclusion and exclusion criteria, the promise of remuneration in the recruitment materials may unintentionally mislead some prospective subjects into thinking that they will automatically be enrolled into the study.

Recruitment materials may include the information that medical supplies required for the study will be provided free of charge; however, the value of these supplies must not be included in the material.

Behavioural Research Projects

The UBC C&W REB does allow the monetary value of the remuneration for participation in a behavioural research study to be displayed on recruitment materials and discussed at the time of recruitment.

Last Updated: 02/10/2012