Research Services

Research Services has a quality-first vision, providing the BC Children's Hospital research community with the information and support it needs to reach its research objectives.

Research Services provides a wide range of institutional and faculty support programs and services, including Research Institute membership, on-site grant processing administration and Research Institute faculty funding programs,

Our services are categorized in four major categories:

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Membership

The types of Research Institute memberships include: Investigator (Investigator, Affiliate Investigator, and Investigator Emeritus/a), Trainee and Research Community Member.

For more information about membership benefits and eligibility, please see the membership general guidelines. For faculty members, please visit the membership page or contact

On-site UBC ORS Grant Processing

The Research Services Office of BC Children's Hospital coordinates the processing of all applications or requests by investigators for external funding for research and other projects.

For more information about grant processing, please visit the ResearchHub or contact:

Nur Eisma

Research Manager, ORS/BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Phone: 604-875-2427

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Investigator Funding

The Research Institute provides funding to its investigators through award programs supported by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and includes:

  • The Investigator Grant Award Program (IGAP)
  • The Investigator Establishment Award Program

For more information about funding opportunities, visit the investigator funding page or contact

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Core Technologies

A number of specialized scientific core technologies are on-site to facilitate wet bench research, clinical investigation and applied health research. These technologies couple technical expertise and services with state-of-the-art equipment.

For more information, please visit the core technologies page or contact  


Research Services Office
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Room A2-146, 950 West 28th Avenue
Vancouver , BC V5Z 4H4   
Phone: 604-875-3815

Phoebe Lu
Director, Research Services 
Phone: 604-875-2108

Lillian McClanaghan 
Coordinator, Research Services
Phone: 604-875-3815

Laura Christensen
Coordinator, Research Services
Phone: 604-875-3815