Research Development

Research Development & Strategic Planning

Research development is the core mandate of the RTDO. With the goal of enhancing research excellence and funding competitiveness, the facilitators engage in both informal brainstorming and formal strategic planning with individual researchers and groups to develop research ideas and to refine research questions and designs. Our research development process is iterative, responsive and proactive; it is flexible, voluntary and based on an open-door policy. This unique, highly effective approach is scientific, individualized and collaborative and focuses on creative, integrative and strategic ways to enhance and articulate health research.

The RTDO Targets

  • New Investigators − building foundations
  • Ongoing Research − maintaining productivity
  • Established Investigators − enriching programs
  • New Collaborations − enhancing vision
  • Multi-institutional Teams − expanding reach
  • Major Infrastructure Programs − creating tools
  • Research Trainees – nurturing development
  • Technology Development – applying discoveries

Proposal Development & Grants Crafting

The RTDO supports any and all stages of proposal development, including identification of funding opportunities, assembly of expert teams, mapping of the research plan and proposal, scientific peer review and critical review, alignment with institution and agency priorities, substantive editing, and copy-editing and proofreading. The RTDO also employs part-time proposal coordinators and grants assistants to assist with preparation of multi-investigator/multi-institutional proposals. The RTDO frequently facilitates group meetings for team proposal development and for knowledge translation activities.


In partnership with BC Children's Hospital Research Education program, the RTDO offers research and proposal development training to BC Children's Hospital trainees, staff and investigators. One-day or multi-module workshops address several topics, including development of research ideas, refinement of research questions and research design, mapping of funding proposals, budget development, CV presentation and effective use of language and style.

More details are available on the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute training website

“RTDO works because the facilitators have extensive scientific training & experience; they work face-to-face with investigators; they’re good at and creative in developing strategic plans for individuals & teams; and they have in-depth knowledge of peer review and funding culture.”
- Dr. Stuart MacLeod, former Executive Director, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

“…very helpful in giving me ongoing feedback and suggestions about how best to present and argue for my career support and operating grants. I believe her ongoing interest and, hence, her familiarity with my work helped us to submit successful career and grant applications. These have been instrumental in helping me to launch my program of research."
- New Investigator, BC Children's Hospital

“RTDO has been a particular success I think – it has surprised people how big an impact it has had”.
- Member of the Research Community

“I believe enlisting individuals with advanced degrees and experience in research and grant writing is essential to the success”.
- Member of the Research Community

“RTDO has been quite good; certainly there is outstanding expertise in putting together network and team grant applications and our research unit would not have been funded without it”.
- Member of the Research Community

“RTDO helped us identify potential collaborators with similar interests and complementary skills and new funding opportunities”
- Member of the Research Community