Presenter Guide

The following information is intended for speakers currently scheduled to present at an upcoming session of TGIF. To nominate a member of the research community on the Oak Street Campus to present or visiting faculty member please contact

What is TGIF? TGIF is the research community's signature seminar series. Every Friday (September-May), this event brings together established investigators and up-and-coming trainees from across the Oak Street campus to share their research findings, exchange ideas and foster collaboration.

TGIF is accredited as a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Who attends TGIF? Significant marketing efforts have been made to ensure all members of the research community on the Oak Street Campus are aware of this seminar series and encouraged to attend. Usually the attendees include undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, medical professionals and faculty members. The average weekly attendance varies between 20-50 individuals. To be added to the TGIF distribution list contact

Where is TGIF held? TGIF is held in Room 2108 at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute (directly across from the Chan Centre for Family Health Education).

Coming from offsite? The BC Children's Hospital Research Institute is located at 938 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver (Map). Construction onsite can cause delays and parking is limited so allow extra time for locating a parking spot and walking across the site. Please note, TGIF is NOT held at the University of British Columbia Point Grey Campus

What is the presentation format? Each week, the session opens with an update on exciting developments and futures directions at the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute. This is followed by presenter introductions by the TGIF co-chairs. Following the presentations an informal networking session is held to give presenters and attendees the opportunity to share and develop new ideas. Light refreshments and snacks are provided.  

What do presenters need to know?

  • Presentation Length - Each week we bring together two researchers from diverse research areas to present. Each researcher is given 25-minutes for a presentation on their research followed by 5 minutes for questions. If scheduling allows, visiting faculty members will have 50-minutes for a presentation on their research followed by 10 minutes for questions. While drafting your presentation please ensure you and your slides can be easily understood by our diverse audience of researchers and trainees from the across the Oak Street campus

  • Audiovisual Equipment - Room 2108 is equipped with a PC (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, internet connection available) and overhead projector. A laser pointer is also available if needed. Presenters are encouraged to bring their presentation on a USB as switching between computers can be time consuming. For presenters that prefer to use a laptop you will also need to bring an adapter. Please note video conference is not available.

  • Advertising - An announcement regarding each presentation is included on the TGIF webpage, on an event poster and included in a site-wide message. To allow time to adequately inform those on the Oak Street campus presenters will be contacted and asked to provide the following information one week before the presentation date; Presentation Title, Research Titles/Clinical Titles/Academic Affiliations and Learning Objectives. 

If you have any other questions or concerns contact