Undergraduate & Medical Students

The research community at BC Children's Hospital is committed to the research education needs of undergraduate and medical students. Several programs exist for potential students to get involved with research onsite

If you have any questions or concerns regarding research training please contact the Research Education Office at (604) 875-2000 x5397 or reseduc@bcchr.ca. Already onsite? View the ResearchHub for additional information.  

Summer Student Research Program

The Summer Student Research Program attracts undergraduate and medical students from local, national and international academic institutions, and exposes them to research in the area of children’s and women’s health.

Since 1987, the program has provided more than 1,000+ students an opportunity to participate in research projects related to child and family health under the supervision of researchers from the Oak Street Campus during the summer. 2017 Program details coming soon!

Work Study Opportunities

Faculty members may hire undergraduate or medical students through a university affiliated work study program. This provides students an opportunity to work in a professional environment, while also supporting the development of professional skills. For information on available placements visit Training Opportunities or contact your university career center.

Directed or Co-Op Programs

Faculty members may take directed or co-op students into their lab or research program throughout the academic year. This provides students an opportunity to integrate their academic education with experiential learning through relevant, monitored and paid work placements. Students should review program requirements and guidelines for their university prior to contacting potential supervisors. Contact information for faculty members is available online.