INSPIRE provides a variety of research opportunities for students to work alongside a research team and gain practical experience in child health research during the academic year (September 2022 - April 2023)

Along with seeking for Directed Studies students, INSPIRE collaborates with the START program to provide students with research opportunities in the Emergency Department and beyond. STARTers are students who participate in the START (Student-Based Applied Research Training) program, which was first introduced by the Emergency Department at BCCH.

Why participate in INSPIRE?

1) Project Assignment

INSPIRE has a selection of research projects (clinical & basic science labs) that are available for students. Wherever possible assigned projects will be aligned with students’ interests. Possible areas of research projects include: 1) Brain, Behaviour & Development, 2) Childhood Diseases, 3) Evidence to Innovation 4) Healthy Starts and 5) Quality Improvement.

2) Research Training

In partnership with the Research Education Office, a research training program has been designed to support and enhance your learning experience at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. We provide access to the site-wide resource such as seminars, workshops, and talks emphasizing research methodology, ethics and professional development:

  • Orientation: learn more about the program and resources available to students working on the Oak Street Campus 
  • Workshops: a variety of training workshops to help you build the skills and confidence to design scientifically, statistically and ethically sound research. Previous topics have included: Introduction to Statistical Terms & Concepts, Abstract Writing, Preparing a Scientific Poster, SPSS and Literature Searching Tips & Tricks
  • Special events: opportunities to network and maximize your exposure to peers and mentors.
  • Poster Day: a moderated poster session to showcase the work done by the INSPIRE students during the academic terms. Please keep in mind that the poster session may serve as the final evaluation for the Directed Studies students.

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