Follow the steps below to apply for the Postdoctoral Program for Scholars of Exellence.

Step 1: Determine your eligibility

Download the Postdoctoal Program for Scholars of Excellence Application and review the eligibility criteria.

Those currently affiliated with BC Children's Hospital Research Institute are not eligible to apply. No internal applications will be accepted. 

Step 2: Identify a mentor

BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute is the largest pediatric research facility in Western Canada. The institute is home to 200+ University of British Columbia faculty members who conduct world-class research to improve the health of children and families around the world.

Applicants have the opportunity to identify up to 2 proposed mentor. Visit to learn more about our researchers and why they rank amoung the country’s best. Contact information is provided if you would like to reach out to the proposed mentor. 

Do I need to identify or contact proposed mentor(s) before I submit the application? No but it is strongly encouraged. A connection with your mentor could be an asset during the application process. 

Step 3: Complete and submit your application form

Download the Postdoctoal Program for Scholars of Excellence Application. A complete application package consists of the (1) Application form and (2) an Academic CV (any academic format is acceptable, including a CIHR draft CV)

Use only the space provided in the award application and do not provide any additional attachments as reviewers will be instructed to disregard it. This includes any images or graphs. All information required for the evaluation of the application should be contained in the application. Updates to the information provided in the award application will not be accepted after the award closing date.

Can the proposed mentor(s) contribute to the application form? Yes but it is not required. 

Do I need to provide reference letters? No but you must identified references on the application form. They will only be contacted for short-listed applicants. 

If you have any questions or concerns with the application process, contact