CALIPER: A Canada-wide Initiative to Close the Critical Gaps in Pediatric Reference Intervals

The diagnosis and care of pediatric patients is critically dependent on laboratory test results. Physicians assess test results and consider diagnoses by comparing these results to ‘normal ranges’. The validity of these normal ranges may vary depending on the the age and gender of subjects used to derive them. Additionally, different test methods exist that produce numerically different results, such that results and normal ranges are not interchangeable. Normal ranges for pediatrics for many laboratory tests are inaccurate and outdated. Also, for those tests that have good pediatric normal ranges available, there has been difficulty and delay in laboratories to report them.

CALIPER is a Canada-wide initiative to develop, implement, and maintain accurate and up-to-date normal ranges for any laboratory tests performed on children. CALIPER collects and analyzes small blood samples from healthy Canadian children of all ethnicities so that the results benefit our diverse population. Seven pediatric hospitals from across Canada, including BC Children's Hospital, are collaborating on the CALIPER project. We are currently planning to expand efforts to study reference ranges in neonates.


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A Canada-wide Initiative to Close the Critical Gaps in Pediatric Reference Intervals

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