Previous COVID-19 studies that were led by BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital investigators.

Diagnostics, Genomics & Transmission

Covid T cells - Studying immune responses in Covid-19

Megan Levings, Principal Investigator

Storm Seeker

Kelly L. Brown, Principal Investigator

This project looks at innate immune system markers that may be predictive of a cytokine storm in COVID-19+ patients. Markers are informed by our expertise/work on systemic inflammatory diseases. Patients with cytokine storm syndrome typically have a poor outcome and may benefit from biologic therapy.

Human ACE2 Coding Variants: A Potential Risk Factor for COVID-19

William Gibson, Principal Investigator

The human ACE2 protein is the main protein that the virus causing COVID-19 binds to in order to enter human cells and begin an infection. ACE2 may even be the very first protein that the virus "sees" when it is inhaled or enters the body in other ways. We want to see if naturally-occurring differences in the shape of the ACE2 protein affect its ability to bind the COVID-19 virus. If they do, then these might be human genetic markers of disease susceptibility and resistance.

We are looking to link genetic data on ACE2 variants to de-identified clinical data on COVID-19. We believe that ACE2 variants may account for some "extreme phenotypes" in COVID-19, such as paediatric-onset disease or people who remain asymptomatic for long periods of time without clearing the virus completely.

Collaboration opportunities:

Seeking collaborators with the ability to perform direct functional assays of ACE2 binding to viral particles, including viral internalization.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

COVID Elicited Responses to Sexual health (COVERS Study)

Lori Brotto, Principal Investigator

The goal of this study is to understand how changes in individuals' lives related to COVID-19 impact sexual behaviour (changes in frequency and types of solitary and partnered sexual activity), relationship status and satisfaction, sexual health behaviours (birth control and condom use), sexual motivations, sexual coercion, sexual satisfaction, anxiety and depression levels. Using an online survey, we will assess these using a longitudinal design, specifically assessing variables every 4 weeks for 6 months. We will recruit a maximum of 1000 participants of all genders, who are 19 years old or older, fluent in English, and currently reside in Canada.

Early childhood & COVID

Mariana Brussoni, Principal Investigator

To gather rapid, timely, and large-scale national data assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions on:

Toddlers and preschoolers movement behaviours and outdoor play during current restrictions and as restrictions are eased. Parents' approach to their children's movement and outdoor play during current restrictions and as restrictions are eased. Early Learning & Child Care (ELCC) staff's approach to children's movement and outdoor play in ELCC settings during current restrictions (for those who remain open) and as restrictions are eased.

Vaccines & Treatment

A Phase 1, Randomized, Observer-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of the bacTRL-Spike Oral Candidate Vaccine for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Healthy Adults

Manish Sadarangani, Principal Investigator

A Phase 1, Randomized, Observer-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of the bacTRL-Spike Oral Candidate Vaccine for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Healthy Adults.

Epidemiology & Public Health

COVID epi study

Manish Sadarangani, Principal Investigator

6,000 individuals <25y of age to be tested from the community for COVID-19 by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody (Ab) tests.

COVID treatment systematic review and meta-analysis

Manish Sadarangani, Principal Investigator

Pharmacological treatment for Coronavirus disease-19: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Tracking the spread of COVID-19

Danuta Skowronski, Principal Investigator

The development of robust models of COVID-19 spread in BC that can be used on an ongoing basis to inform public health decisions in our province. This modeling work, which will provide key data such as informing where services will be needed in advance of problematic need, is essential to fulsome contingency planning for BC health services. In order to meet these needs, a technical modeling team will be formed, led by BC Centre for Disease Control Data and Analytic Services, in collaboration with academic and public health partners.

COVID19 in the immune compromised child

Kelly L. Brown, Principal Investigator

Parents of children treated with immune suppressive drug for a variety of rheumatic conditions are concerned if their child is at higher risk of developing severe complications from COVID19 infection. We would like to screen the patient population at BCCH Outpatient Rheumatology clinic for evidence of COVID19 infection in pediatric patients and their families. Samples could also be used to validate serologic testing of COVID19 infection

Health Care Delivery & Policy

BCCHR COVID-19 Survey: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on research at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Kishore Mulpuri, Principal Investigator

The primary purpose of this survey study is to investigate the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on research activities, training, personnel, and funding at the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute (BCCHR).


Ian Pike, Principal Investigator

The study aims to understand whether the COVID-19 situation has affected parent/caregiver attitudes and behaviours with respect to seeking ER/hospital treatment for a child's injury. Are parents/caregivers hesitant to attend the ER/hospital for fear of contracting COVID-19? Have parents/caregivers delayed in attending ER/hospital for treatment compared to non-COVID-19 period?