Our Research

Our team’s goals and objectives are in three research pillars: Technology for Acute Care, Global Health, and Decision Support.

1) Technology for Acute Care

We will transform novel biomedical engineering concepts from theoretical design to prototype evaluation, using simulated experiments, real-time clinical trials and knowledge/technology transfer. We specifically aim to advance the science of automated drug delivery by expanding a provably safe automated multi-drug delivery from an investigational tool to commercially viable platform, building a low cost mobile Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) device, and developing advanced physiological signal processing on a chip.

Current projects

2) Global Health Platform

We will develop, and evaluate, new technologies to target over 6 million children and 300,000 mothers, who currently die from highly treatable diseases every year. We will integrate predictive models, smart diagnostic, and treatment algorithms, with our mobile device-based sensors to create a digital platform for use in low-resource settings. We will develop new and improved sensors, initiate new validation studies, and pioneer new models of implementation. We will establish and lead a new virtual global network that will pioneer the implementation of this new digital Global Health platform.

Current projects

3) Decision Support

The patient, the health care provider and the health system will benefit from enhanced monitoring and communication tools. Innovative digital solutions for improved information integration will leverage new opportunities in digital health. Leveraging unique vital signs data from the OR and ICU databanks, we will lead projects using personalized feedback, outcome prediction and data analytics to drive patient outcome improvement. We will focus on enhanced effectiveness in patient monitoring to hasten detection of critical conditions, leading to optimized patient safety.

Current projects