Do you have additional questions about Mini Med School? Check out the FAQ's below or contact

Can I attend Mini Med School without a COVID-19 vaccination? Or only one of two vaccinations?

As per current BC Public Health Orders, a proof of vaccination is required to access indoor organized events with more than 50 people. This applies to all people born in 2009 (12+) and includes all students attending Mini Med School Fraser Valley.

Participants will be required to show organizers a valid vaccine passport and government photo ID. Your safety and the safety of our Mini Med School Faculty is our first priority! 

Am I a good candidate to attend Mini Med School? Do i need to have high marks in sciences to be eligible to participate? 

We encourage you to consider your own learning style before registering to attend Mini Med School. While high marks in sciences are not required, participants should have a passion for health sciences. 

The Mini Med School course curriculum has been designed for a senior high school audience. With only one day to explore new scientific concepts, participants should expect a fast-paced learning environment. Similar to a postsecondary seminar, Mini Med School is lecture-based with a small selection of hands-on activities. Some students may find this learning format challenging. 

Can I participate virtually?

Unfortunately, no. Mini Med School Fraser Valley will be an in-person event only. 

Check out our video library to explore previously recorded Mini Med School lectures on a variety of health topics. 

I'm registered for Mini Med School but I'm unable to attend. What should I do?

A considerable amount of time and resources have been invested into planning this program. We do expect registered students to attend but we understand life can get in the way.

If you're unable to attend, please email us at as soon as possible so we can offer the space to someone on the waitlist. 

Does Mini Med School include any pre-reading or take-home assignments? What about tests?

Mini Med School participants will not be required to complete any assignments or tests. You will be encouraged to participate in hands-on activities and trivia competitions but neither will be graded, these are simply for your own personal learning. 

Occasionally students do like to take notes during lectures but it is not required. 

What should I bring with me to Mini Med School?

Participants will be required to have a valid vaccine passport and government photo ID on their person. 

Refreshments and lunch will be provided but if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please bring your own food for the day. 

If you're interested in taking notes, a notebook and pen is recommended. 

Will Mini Med School be returning to Fraser Valley again for 2023?

We want to give as many communities as possible the opportunity to interact with BC Children's Hospital's world-class researchers and clinicians. Mini Med School 2023 will be hosted in a different BC region.

Will participants be provided with a certificate of participation?

Yes! Students that are interested will be provided with an electronic certificate of participation for your records. 

Can teachers attend?

Teacher are welcome, but not required, to attend. Teachers interested in registering should contact

Can Mini Med School hours be counted towards my work experience requirements?

Mini Med School could be classified as an unpaid career-related work experience that includes career investigation. Some schools will consider the hours spent attending Mini Med School eligible for your work experience hours. We encourage students to verify this with your school or career counsellor. It is important to note, Mini Med School Fraser Valley is a career simulation not located in a standard work site but based in a hotel's conference facilities.  

The Mini Med School team cannot sign any Work Education Agreements, Work Experience Placement Forms or any similar forms/contracts on the day-of. Forms can be sent to for electronic signature before or after the event. 

We realize various school districts have different requirements for tracking hours. Unfortunately, the following cannot be provided - 

  • Onsite safety orientation, including a training plan or safety checklist. This should be covered in-school.
  • Letter of reference verifying student participation or duties performed. An electronic certificate of participation will be issued. 
  • Employer or student assessment/evaluation.
Sadly I wasn't selected to attend Mini Med School Fraser Valley. Can I be added to the wait-list?

Students that registered and weren't initially selected to attend Mini Med School will automatically be added to the wait-list. The Mini Med School team will contact you directly if space becomes available. 

To be added to the wait-list after the initial registration period, contact Please note, each year Mini Med School is a popular program with limited capacity. It is unlikely additional space will become available. 

For those unable to attend, check out our video library to explore previously recorded Mini Med School lectures on a variety of health topics. 

Can students younger then grade 10-12 attend?

No, the curriculum for Mini Med School has been designed for a senior high school audience and space is limited.

We'd encourage those in younger grades to check out our video library to explore previously recorded Mini Med School lectures on a variety of health topics.