My program of research focuses on developing and validating strategies to study pain and stress reactivity in healthy fullterm infants and those born ill or at-risk (infants exposed to pre and postnatal stressors). It incorporates the use of naturalistic systematic observation and conventional methodologies. The purpose is to comprehensively describe and measure, in fine-grained detail and in real time, microanalytic descriptions of infant responses and to make explicit environmental effects that intensify or modulate those responses. The resultant fine-grained descriptions allow novel and unique insight into the repertoire and qualitative aspects of the behaviour and into how infants normally act and interact (or fail to) with their immediate environments. In particular, they permit the identification of patterning in the infant’s composite expressions of complex phenomenon (such as pain) and recognition of otherwise unnoticed environmental factors (e.g. ambient sound, caregiving) that influence the infant’s ability to respond to, or to recover from pain – especially important when exposure to stressors are multiple or compounded.


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Current Projects
Infants perceive their environments through experience, and these experiences shape their development and behaviour. The healthier and more stable the pre and postnatal environment, the more likely the infant will regulate effectively from survival states to states that reflect optimal neurodevelopment and that support long-term physical and psychosocial well being. Exposures to multiple pre and postnatal stressors, however, have additive effects that may permanently alter the infant’s nervous system and heighten their sensitivity to subsequent stressors. This is especially important in the context of health care because newborns previously exposed to stressors (infants born at-risk) will likely be exposed to multiple sensory and noxious events as part of their routine care. Hence, preventing further insult, especially during critical epochs, is crucial, and dependent upon knowledge of potential stressors and the ability to distinguish typical and atypical infant response patterns and to make use of such knowledge within the context of complex care environments. An essential component of that objective is to foster and strengthen the maternal-infant and professional-infant caregiving relationships.

I am currently undertaking several microanalytic studies to further newborn pain measurement and pain assessment within the context of infant prenatal exposure to antidepressant drugs, maternal depression and maternal and health professional caregiving. This research addresses four areas and is supported through a MSFHR Scholar award and several operating grants received from SSHRC, CIHR and HELP:

Generating microanalytic descriptions of newborn action and interaction including concurrently occurring contextual and environmental factors

Making use of innovative measurement approaches to identify atypical and atypical patterning in the composite indicators of pain and stress reactivity (self regulation)

Clarifying the regulative role of maternal caregiving on shaping newborn pain reactivity within the context of maternal depression

Clarifying the regulative role of nurse caregiving on shaping newborn pain reactivity within the context of complex health care environments.

Honours & Awards

Visiting Scholar, University of Sao Pualo, Ribeirao Preto (Brazil) – 2004

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award – 2004