Bonus Event - Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics Spring Symposium

Thursday, March 4, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:35 am

Join trainees from the UBC Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics (CMMT) to learn more about genetic research and the translation of basic knowledge into new therapies. 

Participants will get a virtual behind-the-scenes view of CMMT's research facilities, hear from scientists on leading health research and discover a variety of career options in medicine and health sciences. 

10:00 am - Welcome Remarks

Presented by:

10:05 am - How to fail successfully; experiences in student leadership, research and failure

Failure is scary yet an inevitable part of success. Yet no one seems to talk about how much they’ve failed or how to overcome certain disadvantages in their path to success. Hear from Laura as she uncovers her own range of personal experiences: from being a top-ranked undergraduate applicant for the Department of Medical Genetics, to the numerous rejections, bad grades and conditional pressures she has come across in her journey to becoming a Clinician Scientist.

Presented by:

  • Laura Chan, UBC Research Trainee, Leavitt Research Team
10:35 am - Deep into brain — Recording brain waves

Recording brain electrical waves provides valuable information about brain health and its functioning. It is done by a technique called electroencephalography or EEG, which allows us to study and diagnose brain diseases such as epilepsy. Learn about the background of EEG and watch a demonstration on how researchers perform this experiment with examples of different EEG patterns. 

Presented by:

  • Dr. Hilal Al Shekaili, UBC Research Trainee, Leavitt Research Team
11:05 am - Lipids in brain diseases — Check your fats

Did you know lipids are not just a source of energy for the body? Their role in cells is far more complex. For example, in a process called “fatty acylation,” fatty acids can attach to proteins in cells and change the functions of the modified proteins. Discover how abnormalities in protein fatty acylation contribute to brain diseases such as Alzheimer or Huntington’s disease. 

Presented by:

  • Dr. Fanny Lemarié, UBC Research Trainee, Hayden Research Team
11:35 am - Closing Remarks

Presented by:

  • Dr. Bruce Verchere, Director, Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics; Investigator, BC Children’s Hospital; Professor, Department of Surgery & Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC

This event is being hosted by the UBC Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics. Based at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, CMMT is home to a highly collaborative community of scientists connected by a common commitment to use leading edge molecular methods to advance development of therapeutics for human disease. With a strong history in neurogenetics and metabolism research, the CMMT offers one of the premier research environments in Canada for interdisciplinary biomedical research.