I am interested to find out how we can design health care innovations that can be easily picked up and utilized by healthcare providers and health organizations and evaluating whether those innovations have been effective in creating change. Also, I am interested in studying the roll-out of innovations in the health care system and the community and finding ways we can facilitate the roll-out to make it more effective and efficient.


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Evaluation of the BC Pediatric Early Warning System
Pediatric Early warning systems (PEWS) are used to identify early signs of deterioration in pediatric patients and escalate care to prevent them. They also support health care providers, especially in regional and community hospitals, in assessing pediatric patients as their normal vital signs vary by age and are capable of physiologic compensation.

After roll-out of PEWS in emergency departments across many sites in BC, we’re studying its effectiveness and impact by surveying direct care providers, and analyzing health administrative data and health records. Our aim is to understand the strengths and limitations of PEWS and work to improve the system to better support clinicians in providing care.

Outside Play and Risky Play in the Early Years
Playing outdoors and taking risks are a necessary part of healthy play and research shows that they are critical for healthy child development. However, most children today do not meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. In close partnership with Dr. Mariana Brussoni’s team and under the platform of Appetite to Play, we are launching online webinars on outside play and risky play for early years providers. Our aim is to understand if and how these workshops can improve the knowledge and capacity of early years providers in offering risky play and outside play opportunities in their childcare settings.