Youth in Research

The objective of the KidsCan project is to develop a national Youth Research Advisory Group to engage young people in research as partners, not passive participants. 

By providing opportunities for youth to be exposed to research, and taking advantage of the considerable experience at our centers in promoting productive relationships between research mentors and youth, our goal is to make clinical research studies more youth-friendly. We are establishing a Youth Advisory Group to work with investigators to expose young people to a wide range of research activities, but also to empower them to make a difference in the field of scientific research.  

The Young Person’s Advisory Group meets regularly to talk about various aspects of research that involve young people. During these meetings, members take part in activities and gain knowledge and skills to enable them to act as Young Ambassadors to:


  • Increase awareness of clinical studies that target children and adolescents
  • Participate in the activities of selected national research networks including advising on the design of documents about research studies and giving opinions about study websites
  • Format research ethics consent forms, establish participant registries and provide input into study protocols
  • Discuss outcomes that might be important for children and young people involved in clinical studies
  • Contribute to the design of monitoring tools and schedules for children involved in clinical studies
  • Influence research ideas and priorities, such as conducting a survey of young people’s views on clinical trials

To consult with the KidsCan Youth Advisory Group, please use this form.

For more information on KidsCan, send us an email.

Aspiring advisors
For those interested in joining the Advisory Group, leave us a note using this form!

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