About the Kollmann Lab

At the Kollmann Lab, we are systematically dissecting the molecular mechanisms of the neonatal and infant response to infection or vaccination. Based on that knowledge, we are identifying immune modulators that help protect newborns and infants. This work is done in close collaboration with several large national and international research groups around the world.

Our main findings so far can be summarized as follows:

Early Life = Window of Vulnerability 
Early Life = Window of Opportunity 

Window of Vulnerability

The fact that newborns and young infants are at higher risk to suffer and die from infections is unfortunately true everywhere in the world. As you read this paragraph, two infants in the world will have died from infection. Our work centers on defining the molecular mechanisms responsible. 

Window of Opportunity

The newborn period also represents a time of unparalleled opportunity to implement life saving interventions with immediate as well as life-long beneficial impact. Our work focuses on identifying such beneficial interventions, and to dissect their mechanism/s of action.