Project LiGHT (Living Green and Healthy for Teens):

A novel program that emphasizes the
benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


The Aim2Be app is being designed to support Canadian youth (10-17 years) and their families in adopting lifelong healthy behaviours in four areas: healthy eating, physical activity, recreational screen time, and sleep. The app content blends best evidence with behaviour change techniques to provide a non-judgemental, tailored and family-focused approach to support youth and their families to reach current Canadian lifestyle recommendations.


We are recruiting youth (10-17) and their parents (one parent and one child per family) to use Aim2Be over 6 months and provide feedback via online questionnaires. We will mail you a scale, measuring tape, and Fitbit that will be yours to keep. Three times during the study, teens will be asked to wear the Fitbit for fourteen days, and a parent will be asked to report their child’s height and weight. Participating families will receive up to $240, based on the number of study activities they complete.


This study is only open to patients who have been referred by one of the following sites: 

  1. Centre for Health Active Living, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, ON)
  2. Children’s Exercise and Nutrition Centre, McMaster Children’s Hospital (Hamilton, ON)
  3. Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health, Alberta Children’s Hospital (Calgary, AB)
  4. Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health, Stollery Children’s Hospital (Edmonton, AB)
  5. Shapedown BC, BC Children’s Hospital (Vancouver, BC)
  6. SickKids Team Obesity Management Program (STOMP), SickKids (Toronto, ON)

If you have not been referred by one of these sites, and would still like to participate, please see the Team ABC3 study.

If you have been referred to this study by one of the above sites and would like to participate in the Aim2Be evaluation study, please provide your contact information here:

Our staff will follow up with you in a few days to complete a screening questionnaire, and to determine your eligibility to enter the study.