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CIHR Grant Recipients, March 2014 Competition

July 15, 2014
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CIHR grant recipients CFRI

We are pleased to congratulate the CFRI members and our colleagues on the Oak Street campus who were recently awarded funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research through the March 2014 Operating Grants competition.

In this highly competitive round of funding, more than $10.58 million was awarded to 14 investigators affiliated with CFRI, BC Mental Health & Addictions Research Institute, and the Women's Health Research Institute. 

Many of the CFRI investigators who were successful in this round of competition benefited from the expertise of Dr. Dawn McArthur, Head, Research & Technology Development and the Research & Technology Development Office (RTDO) team. On behalf of CFRI, we would like to thank the RTDO’s Dr. Tamara English, Dr. Rich Sobel, Mika Johnson, Rita Jekabsons and Dominique Levesque for their commitment and tireless support of research.

Grants awarded to CFRI:

  • Dr. Alexander Beristain, Reproduction & Health Pregnancy – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Effects of obesity-associated inflammation on the maternal-fetal interface in early pregnancy” $517,573 / 5 years
  • Dr. Soren Gantt, Immunity in Health & Disease – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Correlates of acquisition and immune control of primary Epstein-Barr virus infection in Ugandan infants” $588,852 / 5 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Corey Caspar, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, Dr. Tobias Kollmann and Dr. Patrick Tang
  • Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon, Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Pregnancy weight gain charts for Canadian women: Developing a novel tool to establish optimal gestational weight gain for maternal and child health” $240,308 / 3 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Robert Platt, Dr. Mark Walker and Dr. Christy Woolcott
  • Dr. Pascal Lavoie, Immunity in Health & Disease – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: "Maternal Omega-3 supplementation to reduce Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in very Preterm Infants : A Randomized Controlled Trial (MOBYDIck Trial)" $2,626,763 / 5 years
    Co-principal investigators: Dr. Isabelle Marc, Dr. William Fraser, Dr. Thierry Lacaze-Masmonteil, Dr. Benoît Masse and Dr. Anne Monique Nuyt
    Co-investigators: Dr. Pierre Julien, Dr. Jean-Claude Lavoie, Dr. Michel Lucas, Dr. Bruno Piedboeuf, Dr. Anne Synnes and Dr. Mark Walker
  • Dr. James Lim, Childhood Cancer & Blood Research – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Integrin signaling in cell adhesion mediated drug resistance in pediatric acute leukemias” $693,545 / 5 years
    Co-investigator: Dr. Gregor Reid
  • Dr. Steven Miller and Dr. Ruth Grunau, Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: "Analgesia and sedation in the preterm neonate: brain development and outcome" $1,104,217 / 6 years 
    Additional co-principal investigators: Dr. Margot Taylor
    Co-investigators: Dr. Rollin Brant, Dr. Vann Chau, Dr. Edmond Kelly, Dr. Linh Ly, Dr. Kenneth Poskitt, Dr. John Sled, Dr. Anne Synnes and Dr. Hilary Whyte
  • Dr. Tim Oberlander, Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Attention bias and executive functions in 9-14 year olds following prenatal antidepressant exposure” $857,052 / 5 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Rollin Brant, Dr. Angela Devlin, Dr. Adele Diamond, Dr. Ruth Grunau and Dr. Joanne Weinberg
  • Dr. Elizabeth Simpson, Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics – CIHR Operating Grant PA: INMHA (bridge funding) – Project: "Gene therapy for PAX6-Aniridia: Focusing on the eye" $100,000 / 1 year
    Co-investigators: Dr. Orson Moritz
  • Dr. Peter von Dadelszen and Dr. Kenneth Lim (Co-Principal Investigators), Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “The Canadian STRIDER Trial: Sildenafil for dismal prognosis IUGR” $630,246 / 5 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Sayrin Lalji, Dr. Mark Ansermino, Dr. Francois Audibert, Dr. Emmanuel Bujold, Dr. Jean-Pierre Chanoine, Dr. Sandra Davidge, Dr. Andree Gruslin, Dr. Laura Magee, Dr. Bruno Piedboeuf, Dr. Wendy Robinson, Dr. Percival Seaward, Dr. Joel Singer and Dr. Anne Synnes
  • Dr. Peter von Dadelszen, Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “The fullPIERS risk prediction model for women with pre-eclampsia: external validation and added value of a novel biomarker” $270,892 / 2 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Mark Ansermino, Dr. Guy Dumont, Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon, Dr. Laura Magee, Beth Payne and Ugochinyere Vivian Ukah

Grants awarded to BC Mental Health & Addictions Research Institute:

  • Dr. William Honer, BCMHARI – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Neuropsychiatric complications of co-morbid illness in people living in marginal housing” $1,062,955 / 5 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. William Panenka and Dr. Alexander Rauscher
  • Dr. Tonia Nicholls, BCMHARI – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: "Examining the interplay between victimization, justice involvement and housing among homeless mentally ill men and women: A longitudinal study" $774,958 / 5 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Anne Crocker, Dr. Stephen Hwang, Dr. Reinhard Krausz, Dr. Eric Latimer, Dr. Laurence Roy and Dr. Julian Somers

Grants awarded to the Women's Health Research Institute:

  • Dr. Deborah Money, WHRI – CIHR Operating Grant – Project: “Long-term immunogenicity and clinical efficacy of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine in HIV positive girls and women” $1,113,772 / 4 years
    Co-investigators: Dr. Marette Lee, Dr. Jason Brophy, Dr. Sean Bitnun, Dr. François Coutlée, Dr. Marianne Harris, Dr. Fatima Kakkar, Dr. Marina Klein, Dr. Normand Lapointe, Dr. Mona Loutfy, Dr. Gina Ogilvie, Dr. Janet Raboud, Fiona Smaill, Darrell Tan, Dr. Sharon Walmsley, Dr. Wendy Wobeser, Dr. Mark Yudin, Dr. Simon Dobson, Dr. Catherine Hankins, Dr. Gavin Stuart, Dr. Sylvie Trottier and Dr. Janet Hill 
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