Starting around 2000, the official advice to parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics was to delay introducing peanuts to children “at risk for allergy” until they are 3 years old – a message that was then informally interpreted to apply to all children. And then, starting in 2007, the medical establishment began to reconsider.

Dr. Edmond Chan, who became a pediatric allergist during that period, has dedicated himself to correcting that mistake – not just in his own practice, but among physicians. And it has not been easy.

“This 180-degree turn makes physicians and patients uncomfortable,” says Dr. Chan, the Head of the Division of Allergy and Immunology in the UBC Department of Pediatrics. “They’re just waiting for it to swing back again.”

Even as Dr. Chan labours to spread the word, he has done research showing that health professionals aren’t hearing it. Read more.