Congratulations and welcome to Dr. Sarah Moore and Dr. Robert Selles who recently joined BC Children’s Hospital after being awarded the Scholars of Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship supported by the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

The Scholars of Excellence Program is for trainees who demonstrate research independence within their doctoral or medical training, and are looking for the opportunity to generate innovative research under the mentorship of world-class researchers based at BC Children's Hospital.

Dr. Sarah Moore received her B.S. in Psychology at the University of Maryland, where she researched both child attachment and evolutionary genetics. Her interests in the interaction between early social environment and genetic sensitivities led to her dissertation work at Cornell University. For her PhD, Dr. Moore characterized a large sample of human subjects in terms of their genetic propensities, early environmental experiences, and neural reactivity to identify the interactive developmental pathways that shape adult emotional behaviour. Dr. Moore published a review article on the theoretical foundation of this work in Psychological Bulletin, and received the APA division 7 Early Career Outstanding Paper Award for this review. She received two seed grants at Cornell University to fund her doctoral research. Dr. Moore’s postdoctoral work will focus on integrating genomic, epigenomic, and neural data to uncover how social experiences become ingrained in biology to affect behaviour and mental health across the lifespan. Dr. Moore will be working with Dr. Michael Kobor and Dr. Tim Oberlander.

Dr. Selles earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of South Florida and completed his clinical residency at Brown University. Dr. Selles’ research focus is on improving the obtainment, availability, and efficacy of psychosocial treatment for youth with obsessive compulsive disorder and other related conditions. During his training, Dr. Selles secured grant funding to conduct research regarding the mental health care of youth in El Salvador, was recognized for excellence in developmental psychopathology research, and successfully published numerous peer-reviewed research articles. For the Scholars of Excellence Award, Dr. Selles will be working with Dr. Evelyn Stewart and conducting research within the Paediatric OCD Program. In particular, he will be examining whether tailored modifications to psychosocial treatment for youth with OCD may lead to increased symptom improvement.