Pediatric Immunology Node

Dr. Tobias Kollmann, Principal Investigator

The Pediatrics and Immunology Node is based out of the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Directed by Dr. Tobias R. Kollmann, this Node has a proven track-record in the field of pediatric infectious diseases.

In particular relevance to MIMI:

  • As a physician-scientist, Dr. Kollmann has extensive expertise in directing cohort studies in the field of pediatric immunology
  • Experience in managing and coordinating large-scale and international collaborations and research projects
  • Successful publication record in the field of the development of the innate immune system in newborns
  • Development of high-throughput assays for immune phenotyping that require only limited amounts of study subject sample
  • Experience in handling large-scale data sets and subsequent submission to online electronic databases

For more information, visit the Kollman Lab website.

Click here for selected publications.