Identification Cards

Identification cards must be obtained by all new volunteers, students and trainees and must be made visible at all times when on the Oak Street Campus. Identification cards are the property of PHSA and must be returned to  the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Facilities Office (Room A1-141) at the end of the term.

Requesting an ID Card

The website below ( is a secured site. To access you must be on the Oak Street Campus or have a BC Children's Hospital Research Institute/PHSA Login. A research community member will need to help you facilitate the request.

  • Visit and complete the BCCHR Photo ID Request form
  • Complete the form fields. The person that submitted the request will be notified when the paperwork has been processed (paperwork is usually reviewed on Monday mornings)
  • Once the paperwork has been processed and you have received an approval email, you will need to report to Room A1-141 to have the ID Photo taken Office hours are Monday/Tuesday, 9:00-11:00 am and Thursdays, 1:30-3:00 pm

Returning an ID Card

ID cards can be returned anytime to Room A1-141. If you're outside office hours, please leave the ID card in the mail slot attached to the door. There is a $20 fee for ID cards that are not returned. 

Finding Room A1-141 - BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Operations is located on the ground floor of Translational Research Building. The easiest way to find the office is to go down the main corridor linked to the atrium (past the reception area) and take the elevator to the 1st floor. Turn left out of the elevator and through the double doors going outside the building. Once outside turn left towards the shipping/receiving bay, the main door is propped open during business hours.