Research Support Overview

A key role of the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute is supporting individual researchers and research teams. We provide infrastructure and core services to facilitate investigators' ability to conduct research on site, and ensure their research activities are in compliance with all policies and procedures. 

  • BCCHR Funding BCCHR Funding Institutional funding, Faculty funding, Trainee funding 3
  • Clinical Research Support Clinical Research Support

    Clinical trials & facilities, Biostatistics, Data management, Lab & pharmacy services

  • Contracts Contracts Types of contracts, Template & checklist, FAQs 4
  • Forms Forms Membership, Grant signatures, Funding 1
  • Financial Services Financial Services Contacts, Policies, FAQs 7
  • Research Services Research Services Grant application processing, Contracts 5
  • Research Education

    Research Education

    Training opportunities for volunteers, students, trainees and clinical research fellows

  • Research & Technology Development Research & Technology Development Research development, Technology development 10
  • Research Ethics Board Research Ethics Board Meetings & deadlines, Application process, Templates 9
  • Membership

    Membership How to apply 2