I am interested in studying the treatment anxiety disorders in children and youth and particularly in evaluating the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy. Current research projects include evaluating a behavioral treatment for selective mutism, which is a debilitating anxiety disorder where children have difficulty talking in social situations, typically at school and in community settings.

Other research interests include understanding the patterns of computer and gaming station use in youth with psychiatric disorders. Key findings have been that youth with psychiatric disorders spend almost twice as much time per day on screens compared to youth in the general population; however, rates of “addictive” use are similar in the two populations. Children with externalizing disorders, including ADHD, are particularly prone to spending large amounts of time video-gaming. Interestingly, problems in day to day functioning are associated with addictive features of use, but not with time spent using (after controlling for addiction). This finding suggests that there is a difference between youth who are simply “filling” their time with screens, and those who use is more driven and problematic.


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