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Research Symposium

April 19, 2022 from 12-1 PT

Guardians of the oral and nasopharyngeal Galaxy – IgA and protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection

  • Jen Gommerman, PhD

Prognostic peripheral blood biomarkers at ICU admission predict COVID-19 clinical outcomes

  • Melina Messing, MSc


Trainee Event

April 13, 2022 from 12-1 PT

The COVID-19 Immunology Consortium-BC (CIC-BC) Trainee Group provides a space for students and trainees who are interested in infectious disease immunology to learn and connect with peers from various sites across the province.
Each month we're hosting an event so you can keep a pulse of current research in the field from those who are on the ground: you! Each virtual event will feature student/trainee presentations with time for questions, discussion and networking.

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If you have requests/suggestions for symposia topics or would like to present yourself, please email us.

Past symposia

February 2022

Galectin 8 is a novel sensor of intracellular SARS-CoV-2 targeting Spike protein for autophagy—evasion by 3CLpro cleavage

  • Dr. Christopher Overall

Watch here

December 2021

Development of neutralizing single-chain antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

  • Dr. Horacio Bach

Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) CORONA Program, COVID-19 and Immunity Research Collaboration Opportunities

  • Dr. Jim Russell

November 2021

Post-COVID-19 symptoms: Auto-antibodies as a potential mechanism

  • Dr. Christopher Carlsten
  • Dr. Manali Mukherjee

Tracking the COVID-19 vaccine T cell response

  • Chad Poloni

Watch hereView here

June 2021

  • Dr. Mark Brockman
  • Dr. Don Sin

March 2021

  • Dr. Kelly McNagny
  • Dr. Josef Penninger
  • Dr. Michael Chen

January 2021

  • Dr. Bob Hancock
  • Dr. Ted Steiner

December 2020

  • Dr. Stuart Turvey
  • Dr. Suzanne Vercauteren
  • Dr. Pascal Lavoie
  • Dr. Agatha Jassem

Useful sites

  1. Canadian COVID-19 Genomics Network (CanCOGeN)
  2. BC COVID Biobank
  3. SFU's Pandemic Research
  4. UBC COVID-19 Research
  5. BC Children's Hospital Research Institute COVID-19 Studies

If there are other resources you would like to see here, please email James at jzlosnik@bcchr.ca 


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