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Mini Med School is a science outreach and public education program launched. Each course curriculum is designed to give a basic understanding of the field while exploring up-to-the-minute basic science research, clinical applications and social and ethical implications related to that field.


Discovery Days in Health Sciences is a one-day event that give secondary school students and teachers the opportunity to explore a variety of career options in medicine and the health sciences. The day includes a dynamic keynote lecture to give students a clear picture of what it would be like to be a health professional.

  • Everything you wanted to know about pediatric cardiology (but were afraid to ask) - Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani. Video Recording > 
  • Trying to cure cancer one child at a time - Dr. Rod Rassekh. Video Recording >
  • From the soccer field to medical school and back again - a personal journey - Dr. Kristin Houghton. Video Recording >
  • Ex Minima Fiat Maxima - Dr. Cindy Verchere. Video Recording >
  • The Desire for Discovery: A Winding Journey to an Academic Medical Career - Dr. Kevin Harris. Video Recording >

The BC Children's Hospital, together with Providence Health Care Research Institute and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute organize a public lecture each March. These lectures includes several talks by clinicians and scientists on the latest leading-edge health research.

  • Oak Street Campus Symposium: Medical Genetics & Clinical Practice - Dr Colin Ross, Ms Catriona Hippman & Dr. Jehannine Austin. Video Recording >
  • On the Front Lines: The Latest in Surgery and Emergency Medicine Research - Dr Corinne Hohl, Dr. Cindy Verchere & Dr. Sam Wiseman. Video Recording >
  • Mental Health Research Matters - Dr Jehannine Austine, Dr. Raymond Lam & Dr. Christian Schutz. Video Recording >
  • The Big Picture: Imaging in Research - Dr. Bruce Bjornson, Dr. David Wilson & Dr. Robert Boone. Video Recording >

Discovery Talks is an international seminar series featuring influential research leaders from around the globe. The series promotes knowledge exchange, fosters international collaborations and showcases the brightest minds in research.

  • Cellphone Use While Driving: Prevalence, Policy Evaluation, and Technological Intervention - Dr. Motao Zhu
    Video Recording >
  • CAR T cells for Cancer: Current Concepts and Future Prospects - Dr. Crystal L. Mackall.
    Video Recording > 

  • Developmental Origins of Pediatric Obesity and Diabetes - Dr. Dana Dabelea.
    Video Recording >
  • Systems Thinking for Obesity Prevention: Whole of Community Systems Based Childhood Obesity Prevention - Dr. Steven Allender.
    Video Recording >
  • Control of Pathogen Colonization by Host Immunity and the Microbiota in the Gut - Dr. Gabriel Núñez.
    Video Recording >
  • Making Research More Useful: Reproducibility, Translation, and Incentives -
    Dr. John Ioannidis. 
    Discovery Talks Video Recording >; Pediatric Grand Rounds Video Recording >
  • Psychiatric Genetics: From Genome to Phenome - Dr. Jordan W. Smoller.
    Video Recording >
  • Parent Training for disruptive behavior in young children with autism spectrum disorder - Dr. Lawrence Scahill.
    Video Recording >
  • Improving the Outcome for Children with Cancer: The Costs of Risk Aversion - Dr. Peter Adamson.
    Video Recording >
  • Maternal and environmental influences on the fetal epigenome - Dr. Karin Michels. Video Recording >
  • To succeed, we must often fail - Dr. Mohit Bhandari.
    Video Recording >

The research community at BC Children's Hospital offers public education events on various topics in health research throughout the year. Video records of these past education events may be useful for classes, or of interest to students who are unable to attend.

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