Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition (ACMaN)


The Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition (ACMaN) is a part of the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute’s community of core facilities. ACMaN has advanced analytical capabilities using mass spectrometers, high performance liquid chromatographs, gas chromatographs, automated immunoanalyzers and basic lab equipment such as spectrophotometers and osmometers. The facility is available to serve the analytical needs for all members of the research institute, any other UBC organization, other universities and academic institutions, or industrial partners.

ACMaN was formerly Dr. Sheila Innis’ research lab and is now operating as a core facility to serve the analytical needs of the BC Children’s community. ACMaN has two long term staff with over 30 years’ experience in various lab analytical techniques and the advanced analytical instrumentation can enable research on metabolic pathways, nutrients and their metabolites using existing assays from the lab’s original nutrition research focus as well as the ability to develop new methodologies as required by other researchers.