Child & Family Research Imaging Facility at BC Children's Hospital

The Child & Family Research Imaging Facility (CFRIF) is one of Canada’s top centres for pediatric brain mapping and imaging sciences research.

A core facility of the BC Children's Hospital's Research Institute and affiliated with the University of British Columbia, the child-friendly environment of the CFRIF is ideally situated to optimize opportunities for widespread research collaborations with the highly skilled staff found at BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre.

The CFRIF features a GE Discovery MR750 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner for functional MRI, structural MRI and spectroscopy. The current scanner software version is DV205_R02.

Together with our child-friendly MRI simulator, the CFRIF provides an excellent platform for performing research studies on babies and young children.

What's New

MR Research Training at the CFRIF

In the spring of 2016, the CFRIF and the Brain Mapping & Neurotechnology Laboratory hosted an MRI sequence development course, which was organized by Drs. Shannon Kolind and Alexander Rauscher. We thank Professor Gareth Barker, of King’s College London, for providing a rare learning opportunity to local faculty, students and post docs so that they could improve their skills in pulse sequence programming on the GE platform. Participating in the EPIC course enabled local researchers to learn how to better use our scanner while providing an excellent opportunity for enhanced collaborations for those interested in MR imaging at the Oak Street and Point Grey campuses.

Professor Barker has worked in Magnetic Resonance Imaging research as applied to neurological and psychological disorders for over 25 years. He is a Professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics at King’s College London.

The CFRIF is most appreciative of the generous sponsorship provided by GE Healthcare  for the week-long course, and the organizational support provided by Drs. Shannon Kolind, Alexander Rauscher, Jing Zhang and Bruce Bjornson.