About the Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition

The Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition has advanced analytical equipment to measure many types of biological compounds. The facility has gas chromatographs, high pressure liquid chromatographs and various detectors (photodiode array, evaporative light scattering, fluorescence, mass spectrometer) sample preparation equipment (speedvac, freeze-dryer, mixers, centrifuges, etc.), plate readers and automated analyzers for plasma/serum analytes of interest.

We have two systems for metabolomics analysis, both targeted and untargeted. A gas chromatograph mass spectrometer with Waters TargetLynx principle component software and an Agilent ultra-high pressure liquid chromatograph with quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer and Mass Profiler Professional metabolomics software and pathway analysis.

Members of the ACMan core facility committee:

Graham Sinclair (Chair): gsinclair@cw.bc.ca

Rajavel Elango: relango.bcchr.ca

Philip Lange: philipp.lange@ubc.ca

Yvonne Lamers: yvonne.lamers@ubc.ca

Roger Dyer (manager): rdyer@bcchr.ca