• d'Entremont, Agnes


    Affiliate Investigator, BC Children's Hospital

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    BEng, MASc, PhD
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    Department of Mechanical Engineering 
    University of British Columbia
    2054C - 6250 Applied Science Lane
    Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4

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    • Biomechanics 
    • Medical imaging
    • Joints 
    • Joint disorders 
    • Cartilage
    Agnes d’Entremont is an Instructor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Her areas of specialization are biomechanics and medical imaging. 

    Dr. d’Entremont’s research is focused on joint motion and cartilage health in various joint injuries, disorders, and treatments, with a particular focus on pediatric hip disorders. She has also developed and applied specialized methods for measuring joint motion and cartilage health using MRI.  

    The effect of pediatric joint disorders can last a lifetime, so it is critical to develop methods to assist with detection, accurate prognosis, and correct selection of treatments. Research into the effect of child and adolescent hip disorders on joint shape, movement, and cartilage health will help physicians determine what aspects or severities of these disorders would benefit most from interventions.
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